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Motoring Essentials


Motor Oil



Founded in 1897, the members incorporated the breakdown division in 1978 and in 1999, RAC plc , as the breakdown division was to become, was bought by Lex Service plc and the Royal Automobile Club became a completely seperate entity. In 2005 RAC plc was sold to Aviva Insurance who wanted access to its 7 million customers... and that was the end of over 100 years of good value and service. The following freephone number must have slipped passed the company accountant.

Phone 0800 828282



The Automobile Association was founded in 1905 to help motorist combat new police speed-traps. In 1910 an AA patrolman was convicted of "obstruction" after signalling to a speeding motorist of an impending speed-trap. This has remained the view of our so-called "learned" judges until recently, after authorities began claiming that speed-traps were being used for safety reasons. Now one can hardly be prosecuted for encouraging motorist to slow down, can one. Bet the farmer back in the 1980s who was fined for erecting a sign "SLOW DOWN, PIGS AHEAD" doesn't get his fine back.

The AA remained in the hands of its members until 1999, when it was bought by Centrica. In 2005 it was bought by two private equity firms who saddled it with £1.3b of debt. After huge cuts in staff and services its CEO famously admitted on TV that it was under-staffed. In 2008 it merged with Saga, who target the over 50s and is now just another insurance company really.

Phone 0870 600 0371 (alternative... 0161 495 8945)






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Motoring Videos

Educational, amazing, weird or just funny. Select from the menu right.







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Vehicle Marques & Manufacturers

Over 120 past and present car makers. Linked to their current websites and lots of other information...




Tuning offshoot of parent company Fiat with famous Scorpion badge.



Old British car company whose most famous product was the Cobra which used the American V8 engine.



German automobile, motorcycle and typewriter manufacturer from 1900 to 1957. Adler is German for eagle. In the 1930's the company gained many successes in the Le Mans. Last motor car was produced in 1939.



Manufactured in the Czech Republic from 1929 until 1947 when, due to the nationalisation of the Czech motor industry, the company focused on aircraft manufacturing.



European leader in Quadricycles, manufactured in France.


Alfa Romeo

Well known Italian car manufacturer.



British car manufacturer from 1919 until 1967.



Ariel traces its lineage back to motorbikes, so now builds the car equivalent. Based in Somerset, it's one of the UK's smallest automobile companies with just 7 employees.



Began life in 1995 in Dorset, England. Their first production car in 1998 was the Ecosse. Now owned by a dutch businessman and have moved to Banbury, Oxon. They also own a racing track near Ronda, Spain.



Founded in 1965 in South Korea, it manufactured large and medium duty trucks, lightweight cars and jeeps. It merged with Kia in 1999 and currently has no automobile production.


Aston Martin

Renown British sports classic.



American car company from 1900 to 1936.



Founded in Germany in 1898, it merged in 1928 to form Auto Union. It was acquired by the VW Group in 1964 who merged it with NSU and renamed it Audi.



Famous British car manufacturer of the early twentieth century.


Austin Healey

British sports car manufacturer from 1952 to 1972.


Auto Union

Formed in 1932 by the merger of 4 companies which included Audi and Wanderer (4 inter-locking rings logo). After WWII it was acquired by Daimler-Benz who sold it to Volkswagen in 1964.



Prestigious car first manufacturered in the UK in 1910.



A British automobile company founded in 1985 in Lancashire, England. The cars are supplied in kit form and resemble a 1930's luxury car.



The British Motor Corporation was formexd in 1952 by the merger of the Austin Motor company and the Nuffield Group (Morris, Wolseley, MG & Riley). In 1966 after a government sponsored merger with Jaguar, it became British Motor Holdings (BMH) and in 1968 BMH merged with Leyland Motors (Triumph & Rover) to become British Leyland.



British Motor Holdings was formexd in 1966 by the merger of the British Motor Corporation (Austin, Morris, Wolseley, MG & Riley) and Jaguar but it was short lived because in 1968 it merged with Leyland Motors (Triumph & Rover) to become British Leyland.



Luxury German car manufacturer.



Manufacturer of Britain's most exclusive luxury cars.


British Leyland

Formed in 1968 by the merger of British Motor Holdings (Austin, Morris, Wolseley, MG, Riley & Jaguar) and Leyland Motors (Triumph & Rover). In 1975 it was partly nationalised and in 1981, with the demise of all marques except two, it was rebranded Austin Rover Group. In 1988 it was sold by the government to British Aerospace and rebranded the Rover Group. In 1994 it was sold to BMW who in 2000 made the new Mini plant at Cowley a subsiduary of BMW and the remainder was sold to the MG Rover Group for £10 and that company closed its doors in 2005.


Brough Superior

Brough Superior motorcycles and cars were made by George Brough in Nottingham, England. 85 cars were produced between 1935 and 1939 and were known as "the poor man's Rolls Royce". Earlier cars did not carry the Brough Superior badges as Brough thought the cars sufficiently superior in themselves. The final car the X11 made in 1938 had an overall length of 219 inches and a width of 71 inches and still survives.



Famous pre-war French maker of Grand Prix cars, now producers of the most expensive sports cars



Major US car maker, a division of General Motors.



US car manfacturer, the Luxury division of General Motors.



Caterham cars is a manufacturer of specialist lightweight sports cars based in Caterham, Surrey, England.



US General Motors' largest division which now sells cars in the UK.



Giant US corporation that bought into Europe in the 1960's but pulled out in 1978. In 2002 it was acquired by Daimler-Benz who sold it in 2007 to a private equity firm Cerberus. It was famously bailed out by the US government in 2009. Now markets cars in the UK.



French automobile manufacturer from 1903 to 1922 who exported cars to the UK under the Talbot brand



French manufacturer in partnership with Peugeot.



Founded in 1966 this is a Romanian car manufacturer which became a subsidiary of Renault SA. The best selling model was the Logan which was produced in 2004. In 2009 a new concept called the Duster was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show..



Major south Korean conglomerate which arrived in the UK in 1995 but was later forced to sell out to General Motors.



Dutch car maker that was taken over by Volvo in 1972. The DAF 66 at that time became the Volvo 66. The name lives on with DAF Trucks NV but the car-plant now produces Mitsubishi cars.



Japanese car manufacturer.



Britain's oldest luxury marque with a facinating history. Absorbed by Jaguar in the 1960's.


Daimler AG

German automobile manufacturer that produces prestigeous brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Maybach and the city-car Smart.



Marque used by Nissan until the 1980's.



UK designer and manufacturer of component cars.



Manufactured in Northern Ireland this was a very short-lived sportscar company whose car became a star in the film "Back to the Future".



Small Italian company, famous for its Pantera sports car.



Yet another General Motors division. Its famous Charger model has recently been re-introduced.



Sports car manufacturer based in Bath, England.



Sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy.They also have a famous Formula One team.



Italian car manufacturer which now has its cars constructed all around the world.



The forth largest automaker in the world. Launched in the US in 1902 after which the Ford Motor Company in England was established in 1909.



Gilbern cars were manufactured in Wales from 1959 to 1973.



Yorkshire-based company which has been manufacturing road and race cars since 1958.



This is the British Automobile marque created by the Hillman Motor Company in 1907.



G.M.Holden Ltd. is an Australian automaker based in Victoria. It was independent but then became a subsidiary of General Motors in 1931.



Second largest Japanese automobile manufacturer and sixth largest manufacturer in the world.



German automobile manufacturer founded in 1899 by August Horch (ex-production manager for Karl Benz) who later founded Audi. In 1932 it merged with Audi, Wanderer and DKW to form Auto Union.



British automobile marque which produced its first car in 1898 having started life as the Humber Cycle Company of Sheffield, England. In 1931 it was taken over by Rootes Brothers to become part of the Rootes Group.



Is a brand of off-road vehicles sold by General Motors and was founded in 1992 in Michigan, USA.



Nissan's range of luxury/executive cars first produced in 1991 for the US market. The company slogan... "Born in Japan, educated in Europe, now available in America".



Isuzu Motors Ltd. is a Japanese commercial vehicle, heavy truck and car manufacturing company, headquarters in Toyko.



This British luxury car manufacturer was founded in 1922. Their cars also have a sporting pedigree with the Le Mans winning D-Type. The road-going E-Type is also considered to be one of the best looking cars ever produced. Their slogan is "Grace, Space and Pace".



The first Jeeps were produced in 1941 for use by the US Army. The General Purpose Vehicle or "GP" was nicknamed "Jeep" and a legend was born. 60 years later the Jeep brand is the globally recognised symbol of freedom and adventure.



Jensen Motors Ltd. was a British manufacturer of sports cars and commercial vehicles based in the West Midlands. Production ceased in 2002.



This was a car marque based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England from 1894 until 1960.



This is South Korea's second largest automobile manufacturer - 38.67 % owned by Hyundai. Kia is currently one of the UK's fastest growing car companies.



This is the trademark of AutoVAZ, a Russian car manufacturer. Lada made its name in Western Europe selling the Fiat 124 based VAZ-2101. Lada was withdrawn from the British and most European markets in 1997, but maintained a presence in a number of Arfican, Caribbean and Latin American markets.



British manufacturer of exclusive pre-war cars, taken over by Aston Martin in the 1950's.



The company was founded in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini and based in the small Italian township of Sant'Agata Bolognese. Lamborghini has achieved widespread recognition for its sleek, exotic designs and its cars have become symbols of performance and wealth. Lamborghini's greatest hope was that he could produce a grand tourer that could outperform and outclass offerings from rival Ferrari. Lamborghini is now part of the VW/Audi group.



Lancia Automobile is an Italian automobile manufacturer founded in 1906 by Vincenzo Lancia and became part of the Fiat Group in 1969.


Land Rover

Land Rover is an all-terrain vehicle and Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) manufacturer, based in Solihull, West Midlands, England, now operated as part of the Jaguar Land Rover business owned by Tata Motors of India.



This is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automakers Toyota Motor Corporation.


Leyland DAF

Commercial vehicle manufactured in the UK but owned by the Dutch company DAF NV. In 1993 DAF NV was rescued by the Dutch government but Layland DAF went into receivership.



This is a French car manufacturer created by former racing driver and rugby player Guy Ligier.The Ligier JS2, a mid-engined sports car for the road, was the first car to be produced in 1968. But in 1973 the energy crisis caused a decline in the market for the JS2 so production ceased and the firm turned to the production of Micorcar. Ligier and Microcar are the largest manufacturer of drivers' licence-exempt vehicles. Ligier is also best known for its Formula One team.



Lincoln is an American luxury brand of the Ford Motor Company.



Lotus cars is a British manufacturer of sports and racing cars based at Hethel, Norfolk, England. The company was formed in 1952 by engineer Colin Chapman. It is currently owned by Proton.



British sports car company founded in 1959. Known for the dramatic styling of its cars. Finally ceased production in 2007.



Maserati is an Italian manufacturer of racing cars and sports cars, established in 1914, in Bologna.



A French car manufacturer famous for its road and race cars. In the 1970's it developed a close partnership with Simca, then in the early 1980's Matra was made a subsidiary of Renault and continued to make the Mata models until 2003 when the production line closed. Matra built the first three generations of the Espace.



German pre-war marque which was revived by Mercedes-Benz in the early 2000's. These cars are very prestigious and luxurious and the company offers various options for customers to personalise their vehicles.



Well known Japanese car manufacturer.



Prestigious German car marque of vehicle manufacturer Daimler AG who have a massive range of cars which are produced in very large quantities and sold all over the world.



Belgium car manufacturer from 1898 to 1928. First to introduce Vanden Plas bodywork to the UK.



Mercury is an American luxury brand of the Ford Motor Company.



MG cars got its name from Morris Garages and was founded in 1924 in Abingdon, Oxford, England. It has produced many British sports cars over the years until finally ceasing to exist as MG Rover Group in 2005.



Thes cars are manufactured near Nantes in Western France. It commenced production in 1982 with the introduction of small cars in the licence free sector, known throughout Europe as the quadricycle.



The Mini is a famous small car that was produced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and its successors from 1959 until 2000. BMW bought the name and now produce their version.



Mitsubishi Motors is the 6th largest Japanese auto manufacturer.



The Morgan Motor Company is a British car manufacturer which was founded in 1909. The factory employs 163 workers and all cars are assembled by hand. The waiting list for a car is approximately 1 to 2 years, although it has been as high as 10 years.



The Morris Motor Company was a British car manufacturing company.The Morris name had remained in use as a marque until 1984 when British Leyland's Austin Rover Group decided to concentrate on the more popular Austin marque.



Manufactured in Russia from 1929 until 2002. The 60's and 70's were the glory days when the cars were exported to many countries throughout the world. The Moskvich was also produced in Bulgaria between 1966 and 1990 on the basis of "complete knock down" (CKD) kits. Recently a portion of the plant has been acquired in a joint venture by the City of Moscow and Renault SA.



Large long established Japanese motor company with factories all around the world. Originally branded Datsun until the early 1980's. Now has a luxury marque Infiniti and is tied in with Renalt.



Noble is a low production British sportscar company established in 1999.



NSU Motorenwerke AG, was a German manufacturer of cars and motorcycles, which was founded in 1873. It was acquired by Volkswagen Group in 1969. VW merged the company with Auto Union, to eventually evolve into Audi as it is known today.


Nuffield Group

Formed in 1938 by William Morris (1st Viscount Nuffield) when he merged his already owned marques Wolseley and MG with Riley. It merged in 1952 with the Austin Motor Company to form the British Motor Corporation (BMC).



This is the German branch of General Motors.



An American luxury automobile marque built by the Packard Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan. The first cars were produced in 1899 and the last in 1958.



Expensive Ferrari-rivalling Italian sportscar.



The Panther West Winds Car Company was started in 1972 by Bob Jankel and built unusual cars, often pastiches of older models. The factory was near the Brooklands racetrack in Surrey.



Perodua is the second largest car manufacturer in Malaysia and has chosen the UK as its eventual gateway in Europe .



Famous French car manufacturer since 1889, now in partnership with Citroen.



P.G.O. Automobiles, the last French manufacturer of small production cars.



This was a marque of an automobile based in the United States. It was founded in 1928 and dissolved in 2001.



Another US General Motors branch soon to become defunct.



German car manufacturer of luxury high performance automobiles.



This is the Malaysian national automobile manufacturer established in 1983. Currently owns the British sports car maker, Lotus.



British sports car company founded in the Midlands in 1987 producing kit cars. Their first car was based on a MK1 Ford Fiesta, the second was based on a MK2 Fiesta . By 1993 the firm was offering a 2+2 convertible, also based on the MK2 Fiesta. In 2001 the company had a change of ownership, moved to Devon and now offers three more models all fully assembled or in kit form.



British car manufacturer that produced both 3 and 4 wheelers. Ceased production in the early 1990's.



Renault is a French automaker producing cars, vans, buses, tractors and trucks. Due to its alliance with Nissan, it is currently the world's 4th largest automaker.



also known as the Reva G-Wiz in the UK market. This is an Indian electric car intended for city use. More Revas have been produced than any other currently selling electric cars and sales are increasing. it is manufactured by the Reva Electric Car Company in Bangalore, India. The Reva-i was powered by lead-acid batteries wherea the Reva L-ion used Lithium-ion batteries.



This is the only car manufacturered in Slovenia. It is owned by the French group Renault and is the only plant manufacturing two successful Renault models, the new Twingo and the Clio 11, mainly intended for the European markets.



Riley was a British motorcar and bicycle manufacturer from 1890. The company became part of the Nuffield Organisation in 1938 and was later merged into British Leyland. Today, the trademark is owned by BMW.


Robin Hood

Robin Hood Engineering Ltd was a British kit car manufacturer based in Nottingham, England. The company was founded in 1984 and started by making Ferrari Daytona replicas. In 1989 they started making the S7, a range of Lotus Seven inspired kit cars. Also in 1989 a Triumph TR7 based Robin Hood was produced and cost £995 + vat. However a High Court action from Caterham Cars almost stopped production, however legal advice solved the problem and Robin Hood Engineering were careful not to deviate from the strict guidelines set down as a result of the action. The company continued production until 2006 when they sold out to Great British Sports Car Ltd.


Rolls Royce

Prestigious car maker founded in 1906 by Charles Rolls and Henry Royce.



Rover Car Company is a former British car manufacturer founded in 1878. The company has undergone many changes over the years but with no Rover cars currently produced, the marque is considered dormant.



Saab is a Swedish car manufacturer founded in 1947. It is currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Motors.



Seat is a Spanish automobile manufacturer founded in 1950 with the initial Fiat assistance and now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the German VW/Audi Group.



Sebring International is a manufacturer of British handbuilt quality sports cars.



French manufacturer of Fiat cars in France from 1934. In the 1950's they also made the Ford Vedette and also brought out the successful Simca Aronde. By the 1960's Chrysler had taken over who eventually let it go to Peugeot in 1978.



Old British car company, independent until 1955 when it joined the Rootes Group. In 1971 Rootes' new owner Chrysler made the name follow reality and Singer became a piece of history.



This manufacturer has its headquarters in Czech Republic and produced its first cars in 1905. The company is now a subsidiary of the VW/Audi Group.



Smart was founded in 1994 by Mercedes-Benz as a maker of small city cars.



Spyker Cars NV, founded in 2000, is a Dutch hand-built automobile manufacturer.



Fourth largest South Korean automobile manufacturer which was founded in 1954. The name SsangYong means double dragon. In 1991 it was in partnership with Daimler-Benz and later acquired the UK based speciality car maker Panther Westwinds. In 1997 Daewoo Motors bought a controlling stake but sold it again in 2000 because of financial difficulties. In January 2009 the company went into receivership but in August 2009 worker strikes finsihed at the SsangYong factory and production commenced again after 77 days of riots.



Subaru is the automobile manufacturing division of Japanese transportation conglomerate Fuji Heavy Industries Group. It is famous for its 4 wheel drive and turbocharged cars.



Sunbeam was an old British car manufacturer which became part of the Rootes group in 1935. The name has not beeen used since 1978.



Suzuki is a Japanese car manufacturer. It is the ninth largest producer in the world.



Old British car manufacturer, Talbot was originally the British brand name used to sell imported French Clément-Bayard cars, by Charles Talbot who lived at Alton Towers. Later part of the Rootes group, but now defunct.



An Indian car manufacturer founded in 1945. It produces the Tata Nano which is the cheapest car in the world. The huge Tata Group now own Jaguar, Daimler and Land Rover.



Tiger Racing is a British family run company formed in 1989 which produces kits and complete factory built race and road cars.



Japanese car manufacturer Totoda produced its first car in 1935. A year later the name of the company changed to Toyota and over many years has opened plants in the UK, Europe and North America. It is now the world's third largest car maker.



Produced by the former East German automaker VEB Sachsenring from 1957 to 1991. Since it could take several years (usual waiting time 15 years) for a Trabant to be delivered from the time of order, people who finally got one took great care of it and became skilled at maintaining it. The lifespan of the average Trabant was 28 years. In 1988 the agreement was entered into with VW to use their Polo engines. There is a possibility the marque may be revived in the near future.



Triumph Motor company established in 1885 is now a defunct British car manufacturer.



TVR was an independent British manufacturer of sports cars based in Blackpool, Lancashire, England. The company manufactures lightweight sports cars with powerful engines and was the third-largest specialised sports car manufacturer in the world.


Vanden Plas

Formerly a Belgium coachwork builder at the end of the 19th century whose work became renowned for its quality. Used by th Austin and Jaguar marques for their top of range models.



British car manufacturer Vauxhall was founded in 1903.The company was taken over by General Motors in 1925.



Volkswagen is German car manufacturer founded in 1937.



Volvo Cars, or Volvo Personvagnar AB, is a Swedish automobile manufacturer founded in 1927 in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, and currently owned by Ford Motor Company.



German automobile manufacturer founded in 1898 that merged with 3 other companies in 1932 to form Auto Union.



This is a car marque founded in East Germany in 1898.In the 1960's the cars was exported to the UK and USA. Between 1965 and 1976 a total of 19,472 right hand drive Wartburgs were officially imported to the UK. In 1988 Watrburg agreed with VW to produce, under licence, a new model - the W 1.3 which used an adapted version of the 1300cc Golf engine. This remained in production until 1991 when General Motors Opel division bought the factory.



British kit car manufacturer.



The Wolseley Motor Company was a British automobile manufacturer founded in 1901. After 1935 it was incorporated into larger companies but the Wolseley name remained as an upmarket marque until 1975.



Is a Serbian car manufacturer whose first car the Yugo 45 was handmade on 2nd October 1978.The design was based on the mechanics of the Fiat 128, under licence from Fiat with a modified body style. Many models were produced over the years but production ended in 2008. Yugo was voted "Car Talk's" worst car of the millennium. In 1987 the Consumer Reports review concluded that buyers "would be better off buying a good used car than a new Yugo."



The Zaporozhets was a series of subcompact cars designed and built from 1958 at the ZAZ factory in Soviet Ukraine. Different types of Zaporozhets were produced until 1994.





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Magazines & Motoring Media



Channel 4's mainstream motoring e-zine.



News, reviews and the Autocar road tests.



News, reviews and videos.


Classic Cars Magazine

The business since 1973.



Cracking performance car magazine.


Fifth Gear

Motoring programme from Channel Five.



UK motoring website.


Top Gear

Entertainment and motoring programme from the BBC.



Essential buyers guide.




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Information Portals


Transport Office

A must if your business operates vehicles. Currently still a useful website but is being moved to Business Link website.


Business Link

Business Link is an easy to use business support, advice and information service managed by the DTI. Run by business people, they offer support services across the government, voluntary and private sectors.


Direct Gov

Direct Gov is the place to turn to for the latest and widest range of government information and services online.




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Government Agencies


Department for Transport

AKA DfT... the central government department responsible for all transport throughout the UK.


Driving Standards Agency

DSA promotes road safety through improving driving standards.


Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

DVLA facilitates road safety and general law enforcement by maintaining registers of drivers and vehicles, and collecting vehicle taxation (VED).


Driver and Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland

DVLNI mirrors the role of the DVLA in Northern Ireland.


Vehicle Certification Agency

VCA is the UK's national approval authority for new road vehicles, agricultural tractors and off-road vehicles.


Vehicle and Operator Services Agency

VOSA provides a range of licensing, testing and enforcement services with the aim of improving the roadworthiness standards of vehicles ensuring the compliance of operators and drivers, and supporting the independent Traffic Commissioners.


Commission for Integrated Transport

The Commission for Integrated Transport (CfIT) is an independent body advising the Government on integrated transport policy.


Driver CPC Website

The Driver CPC is for LGV and PCV drivers who drive professionally throughout the UK. It is being developed as a requirement of the EU Directive 2003/59, which is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of professional LGV and PCV drivers throughout their working life.


Freight Best Practice

Freight Best Practice is the new name for the Transport Energy Best Practice programme. Freight Best Practice offers free information for the freight industry including: saving fuel, developing skills, equipment and systems, operational efficiency and performance management.


Highways Agency

The Highways Agency is an Executive Agency of the Department for Transport who manage, maintain and improve the network of trunk roads and motorways in England on behalf of the Secretary of State.


Institution of Highways and Transportation

The Institution of Highways & Transportation is the foremost learned society in the UK concerned specifically with the design, construction, maintenance and operation of sustainable transport systems and infrastructure.


Local Government Association

The LGA represents all local authorities in England and Wales plus police authorities, fire authorities and passenger transport authorities.


Police Services of the UK

The driver, vehicle and operator agencies also work very closely with the Police in order to carry out roadside enforcement activity.


Real Time Information from the Traffic Agency

Trial project giving drivers real time information on congestion and road accidents.


Road Service (Northern Ireland)

Roads Service was established on 1 April 1996 as an Executive Agency within the Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland. Following Devolution on 2 December 1999, the Agency moved to the new Department for Regional Development. We operate within the context of the Department's overall Vision, Strategic Aims and Objectives.


Rural Transport Fund for Northern Ireland

The Rural Transport Fund (RTF) is administered by the Department for Regional Development and has been in existence in Northern Ireland since November 1998. Its primary objective is to reduce social exclusion in rural areas by improving or providing new transport opportunities for people with reduced mobility.


Scottish National Driver Information and Control Centre

NADICS provides a co-ordinated traffic management service for Scotland's strategic road network.


Transport Energy

Transport Energy is a division of the Energy Saving Trust; a non-profit company established by the Government to help the UK meet its international commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Transport for London

Information on transport around London.


Transport Research Laboratory

An independent world recognised organisation providing research, consultancy, advice and testing for all aspects of transport.


United Kingdom Accreditation Agency

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service is the sole national accreditation body recognised by government to assess, against internationally agreed standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services.




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Trade Associations


Association of Transport Co-ordinating Officers

ATCO allows its members to exchange information with each other, and allows us to provide information on public transport matters to the public.


British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association

Trade association for the car rental, contract hire and fleet management industries.


CITA - International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee

CITA is the international association of public and private sector organisations actively practicing compulsory inspection of in-service motor vehicles and their trailers, or with responsibility for authorising and supervising inspection organisations.


Confederation of Passenger Transport

CPT is the voice of the passenger transport industry.


Community Transport Association

CTA is the national representative body of the UK voluntary sector transport.


European Chemical Transport Association

Comprehensive site covering all aspects of safe and legal chemical transportation, including best practice guides and discussion forums.


Freight Transport Association

The FTA supports the multi-modal transport interests of British industry.


Garage Equipment Association

The GEA is a trade body representing the garage equipment manufacturers.


National Farmers Union

The NFU is the democratic organisation representing farmers and growers in England and Wales.


Retail Motor Industry Federation

The RMIF aims to help its members, consumers and the motoring sector as a whole in many ways. It provides services for members, the opportunity to join various quality schemes and an advice line for consumers.


Road Haulage Association

The RHA offers a voice for the haulage industry in the UK.


Scottish Motor Trade Association

The SMTA is a Trade Association established in 1903 to “encourage, promote and protect” members of the Motor Trade in Scotland.


Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders

SMMT work to encourage and promote, in the UK and abroad, the interests of the motor industry.


The Vehicle Builders & Repairers Association

The VBRA represents the vehicle body repair and commercial vehicle bodybuilding industry in the UK.




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Consumer Associations


Citizens Advice Bureau

The CAB website offers an advice guide including information about vehicles and elements of the driver, vehicle and operator agencies work that may impact upon you.


Bus User Complaints Tribunal

The Bus User Complaints Tribunal is a statutory body established by the Scottish Parliament to pursue the interests of passengers who feel that a bus company has not satisfactorily dealt with their complaint.


Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services

The driver, vehicle and operator agencies work closely with LACORS to ensure consumer satisfaction and fairness relating to all aspects of our work.


Office of Fair Trading

The Office of Fair Trading is a Government body that seeks to maximise consumer welfare by protecting consumers by preventing abuse; empowering consumers by giving them access to information and redress, and promoting competitive and responsive supply A variety of information can be found at the Office of Trading website relating to these consumer issues.


Trading Standards

Trading Standards exists to ensure fair trading and consumer Trading Standards for free advice.




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Other Useful Links


HSE Reach Resources

REACH, the new European system for regulating chemical safety, will affect most businesses in Europe in one way or another, even those who would normally not consider themselves involved in chemical regulation.


Brake Lining Database

The purpose of the site is to list Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Replacement Brakelinings that comply with the provisions of Directive 2002/78/EC.


Digital Tachographs

Managed on behalf of a number of UK government agencies, provides up to date, accurate information on all aspects of the implementation of digital tachographs.


Transport Direct

Comprehensive route planner covering the whole of the UK.


Traffic Radio

Listen to the latest traffic news for your area.


Traffic Information

Real - time traffic information for England's motorways and major A roads from the Highways Agency.



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Road Tax

Tax your vehicle or declare it SORN... all online... More»

Phone 0870 850 4444



The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. These are the boys that offer to sell you personalised registration numbers that will land you in court if you display it on your vehicle in the manner they use to value it. Funny old world, init?

All enquiries...

01792 782341

Driver enquiry...

0870 240 0009

Vehicle enquiry...

0870 240 0010



The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency provides a range of licensing, testing and enforcement services including MOT testing, collating vehicle manufacturers recalls and VICs (Vehicle Identity Checks). You can now check the MOT history, including mileage, of your vehicle online FREE or be a complete plonker and phone 0906 120 9941 at £1.50 per minute.



Founded in 1971 and originally called National Breakdown, Green Flag , is now owned by RBS Insurance who own Direct Line and Churchill.

Phone 0845 246 2766